Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Papers One, Two, Three & Four

Cracked on with the project today. No interruptions (well, not many). So without further ado...

Here's paper one again with an ever so slight alteration. I redesigned the dots to a 'half-drop' format so they look as if they run diagonally rather than horizontal.

This is a result of playing around with the filters in Photoshop from the dots in the first version of Paper One. By using the 'Maximum' filter, the dots transformed into rounded squares. I inverted the effect, so I could use the gridlines instead and placed them onto a blue background.

And onto the stripes. I created a striped pattern, placed it over the dark maroon background, added some texture and it was good to go. Another design under my belt.

Finally, for today, I created a Damask style pattern. Phew! I'm now more than halfway to my Sunday commitment.



  1. Im really liking the Damask style paper, and the shades of red with the stripes is pretty cool. looks like you are having fun.

  2. Everything is looking really lush so far (pun intended and I love the idea of the big blue bath bomb as a treat!). All of the paper designs so far would be really useful - I'm so impressed!!!
    Lindsay x x x