Thursday, 14 March 2013

Adding, tweaking & Playing

I've been taking the designs and adding to them today, to see the results and whether I think they work or not.

As usual, I will reserve judgement until a day or two has passed. I seem to have the habit of spending hours tinkering with a piece and then dismissing it almost immediately as a pile of the biggest rubbish to ever been designed. So I shall try and learn my lesson and give myself a pause. Usually, when I come back to it fresh, I see what I like about it and realistically whether something isn't properly working and needs further tweaking.

I'm also on a course where there's a select few of us doing exercises and discussions on uncovering style. I flit between distressed and clean, design and art, so it's proving fascinating to see how my own style is unfolding.

Anyway, I've taken the design above and taken away the textures to leave something cleaner, to see if I prefer it.

and then I took away the subtle texturing so it was completely clean

I now need to sit back and look at these three different styles and see if I can come to some decision. All my answers on the course, lead me to the cleaner, unfussy style but I must admit, that I love layers of texture. Again, it's something to sleep on.


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