Monday, 4 March 2013

Paper One

Well, today's prompt was to make a weekly commitment. Apparently there'll be four of them occurring on each Monday for this challenge. So I pledged that by 8pm on Sunday, I'd have completed six designs. If I can do any more, then perfect. And my reward for meeting my commitment is to buy a Big Blue bath bomb from Lush & have a nice long soak in the tub on Sunday evening with it.

Anyway, back to today.

I figured that just to get the ball rolling, I'd start with a simple design. Dots. Believe me, when you know how, this pattern can be knocked out within seconds.

And though I thought I'd be able to make this design within minutes, it proved to be otherwise. Thing is, I didn't just want to add dots over the textured background. I wanted to add a few subtle textures and fades into the design, behind and in front of the pattern, to give it more oomph and substance. And that took me quite a bit of faffing around until I had what I thought was an acceptable design.

But at least I have one paper now ticked off. Tomorrow I plan to create another simple design and hope to be a bit quicker about it.

Until next time


  1. well I am very impressed, the whole digital imaging thing is so far beyond my understanding, I can just about get along with face book and word.
    I am really liking the colour pallet you have chosen.
    At what point will you be ready for orders? ;)

  2. I like this scuffed up look!