Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Only 10 Days To Go

Blimey, I logged onto the forum this morning only to be made aware that we only have ten days to go before we have to "show" our project. Okay, not so bad for me I guess, I've upped the ante for myself by showing my project and its progress everyday almost.

And speaking of which, here's todays final designs, a few tweaks and textures plus a complete change of pattern for one of them.

The grey design had an oval pattern which jarred, so I switched it to a striped design. The purple has had the pattern muted down and the brown starry design has been distressed lightly on the pattern. Textures and variations were added to them and then they were deemed complete.

I should hopefully have these all done by the end of the week, leaving me free next week to create a collection cover and logo.


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